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If you’re located in the Pacific Northwest, Salem CPA could be your friendly, accessible and affordable accounting solution provider. With taxes always such an integral part of both working and doing business, you should really put your money, and your trust, in a company that has a reputation like ours. It’s easy to think that you can get by with a tax or accounting program, and take more of a DIY approach to your finances, but there are caveats and pitfalls that even the best programs won’t see coming. Salem CPA has earned their 5-star reputation through hard work, reliable interactions and consistency. We come back year after year to handle our client’s tax and financial needs. There’s no taking a break when it comes to taxes, and our “off season” is just more preparation, improving our practices and seeing what we can do to become a better financial service provider.

When it comes to financial issues, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed with wanting to make the right choices. It can be difficult to sift through pages and pages of tax law, rules, regulations and best practices. We, at Salem CPA, are professional trained and licensed CPAs with a focus on small business and individual accounting. We aren’t the big firm who may not know your financial portfolio as intimately as you’d like. No, we’re a much more family and community oriented service provider, and we’d like to think our customers choose us for exactly that reason.