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Hello, and welcome to Salem CPA! We hope that you’ll find all of the information you need about tax and estate planning, accounting, bookkeeping and Quickbooks right here on our accessible and informative website. If you’re not sure what type of services you need, we can still help you. Financial decisions aren’t easy, and there isn’t always a clear path to what needs to be done, or even where to start. Salem CPA is a tried and true company, reviewed by your peers, and we are licensed and insured to remove any and all doubt. If there’s one thing we believe in, its being able to trust the company that handles your finances, without a second thought.

About Us

As a financial and tax service provider in the Pacific Northwest, we are attuned to our client’s needs and know the common pitfalls that they experience on a yearly basis. Taxes are a huge part of our undertakings. If you struggle with tax preparation and tax law, you’re not alone. Most of our customers get just inundated with the minutia and miscellany that come with tax preparation. There’s nothing to be ashamed about, by the way, taxes are incredibly complex. On top of that, the laws, rules, forms and brackets change every year. How is the general population expected to keep up with the pace of change? The answer is with a certified public accountant, like Salem CPA.


    Our Services

    ​We provide a host of services to help you through all of your financial, tax, estate and accounting issues. We are a balanced, affordable and available CPA that exists only to serve the Salem, OR community. Our clients rave about the services we provide, and how we’ve helped to decipher even the most cryptic of tax regulations and caveats for them. We simply enjoy doing it, to be honest. There’s not much that brings us more joy than to help our customers make sense of their finances, and move on to living their best life. We can’t make money appear out of thin air to solve your issues, but you might think we did, with our extensive knowledge of tax credits and deductions.

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    Accounting and Bookkeeping

    The accounting and bookkeeping services we provide are an asset to the local businesses of Salem, OR. Our financial teams work with internal finance managers to come up with sustainable and reliable spending plans, and they help detail the spending habits and budget concerns that are a part of everyday business life. Don’t allow your company to flounder in finance issues. With consultants like Salem CPA, you always have an option. Let us help!

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    Tax Planning and Preparation

    Taxes are one of the haziest and undesirable parts of owning a business. Taxes are also a huge headache for single families, with dependents, investment accounts and home expenditures. All of the questions concerning taxes can be answered easily, thankfully. All you need to do is contact a tax professional like Salem CPA. We are a provider of tax planning and preparation services that allow you to move on to other more important aspects of your life, or business.

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    If you’re a small business, you know how valuable the Quickbooks software platform can be. It is a versatile and affordable tool that can be used to manage and track your expenses, send invoices to customers, keep track of bills and much, much more. The problem is, if you don’t know how to use it, it isn’t worth anything to you. Salem CPA can help. We are experts in Quickbooks and other small business accounting packages. We can show you valuable shortcuts and help guide you into using Quickbooks to make yourself, or your company, more effective.

    “I’ve never been good at keeping track of my finances. It’s always been a ‘what will be, will be’ situation. Thankfully, Salem CPA was able to get me straightened out. I was really in a bind.” – Carly A.


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    “My bank was absolutely no help. I’m glad there are companies like Salem CPA. Without them, who knows what would have happened?” – Rob A.


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    “When tax time comes around, I tend to get both excited and nervous. I’m excited for that refund check, but I don’t want to mess anything up. I leaned on Salem CPA this year. Probably next year too!” – A.J. Kelly


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    Estate Planning and Accounting

    Planning and executing an estate is an incredible amount of work. If you add to that already impressive workload the emotional involvement, as well as the surprises that one might face when dealing with a lifetime of possessions, you could absolutely use a helping hand. Let us be that helping hand for you. We are professionals when it comes to not only executing estates, but planning them from scratch. We have done this countless times, and we would be glad to lend our expertise to you, to minimize the impact you or a loved one may leave behind on your family.

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    Small Business Accounting

    While small businesses have all of the same financial “moving parts” as a larger company, what they don’t have is the same size accounting team. Larger businesses have dedicated staff, with the explicit goal of organizing and managing the books and budget. How are small businesses supposed to operate without the same level of support? The answer is to contract a licensed and insured CPA, like Salem CPA.

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    Tax Problems and Audits

    Everyone, at one point or another, has encountered an issue with their taxes that they simply weren’t sure how to fix. That’s not surprising, considering that the IRS changes tax laws and regulations every single year. If you’re not a tax professional, you’re going to struggle keeping up with the latest changes. If there’s something you’re not sure of, we can assist, or at the very least, point you in the right direction.

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    Contact Us Today

    If you ever need to get a hold of a licensed, insured, certified tax professional or accountant, you don’t have to look any further than this page. At the top of this page is a phone number. That number is a lifeline to a team of professionals who can not only answer your financial and tax related questions, but can take over if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed.